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About me

They say that most people have a natural bias towards the 'logical' left side of the brain or the 'creative, intuitive' right side of the brain. This is what distinguishes code breakers from artists. It is commonly accepted that most people will fall into one camp or the other, but I believe that I sit somewhere in between. Good design is foremost about problem solving, and the pretty face follows. The idea drives the aesthetic.

Over the last few years, I have had the privilege of working with top brands such as BT, Compass Group, Apple and many more. Each piece has been different, ranging from brand development to websites and print to eNewsletters and signage, but the principle remains the same.

Through my journey with Greenthorne, I have learned an additional and crucial ingredient to good design - communication. As designers, we are working with the client's vision to create the best outcome, and I understand that designers don't have exclusive rights to the mysterious creative side of the brain.

I am always looking for opportunities to use and extend my abilities as a creative professional. If you'd like to get in touch about anything, I'd love to hear from you.
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Liam Gorman

Graphic Designer


Cardiff School of Art and Design

Graphic Communication
First class honours 2010

Shrewsbury College

Foundation Art and Design

Shrewsbury 6th Form College

Graphic Design, English Combined, Information Technology



Creative services and consumer lifestyle brand //Bristol//
Director/Head of Studio
Feb 2013 - present
Acquisition and managing creative services for clients including Just Tyres (UK's largest Tyre Fitter), Lumicity and Aeris Aviation.

Full branding, website and positioning strategy.

General business development.


Top 100 marcomms agency //Bristol//
Graphic Designer
April 2013 - present
Web, print, brand development for clients including BT, Compass Group and CGI.


UK's top creative IT services company //Nottingham//
Graphic Designer
Sept 2010 - April 2013
Web, print, brand development for Jigsaw24.

fst marketing

Creative agency //Marlow//
Graphic Designer
June 2010
Design placement.


Design agency //Cardiff//
Graphic Designer
April 2010
Design placement.

What I can do


  • Estimating, quoting and maintaining client relationships
  • Strong understanding of business operation
  • High levels of critical thinking and creative conceptualisation
  • Ability to rapidly learn and adapt
  • High level of English writing ability
  • Good interpersonal skills - I can get on well with most people.


  • Branding from concept to delivery
  • Knowledge of print process and colour profiles
  • InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator > CS6
  • Experience working on media from multi-page booklets to large scale banners
  • Regularly producing work based on brand guidelines
  • Experience in producing material for a wide range of companies from both B2B and B2C.


  • Working on websites/emails from concept to delivery
  • HTML and CSS
  • Media queries and responsive design
  • jQuery and JavsScript (working knowledge)
  • Developing with WordPress and Prestashop - basic PHP and MySQL
  • Image preparation for web.

What floats my boat


I competed at Henley Royal Regatta for Nottingham RC before moving to Bristol Ariel in 2013.


I am an accomplished guitarist of many years (just don't ask my neighbours).

The mighty tottenham hotsPur

I am a long-suffering Spurs fan. Thanks Dad...


When it comes to commuter racing, I am a force to be reckoned with.

My work

Greenthorne piece


Bristol-based creative services and consumer lifestyle brand who put real emphasis on the quality of visual.

24 piece


A brand-new workplace catering solution that needed a brand as vibrant as its ideas.

Aeris Aviation piece

Aeris Aviation

UK-based private jet company who can boast Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson as Chairman.

Eurest piece


Quirky cousin of Compass Group who provide catering solutions to large companies.

CGI piece


CGI is among the leading independent information technology and business process services firms in the world

Demo Mode piece

Demo Mode

Forward-thinking DJ collective based in Bristol — affiliated with event organisers Okoru.

BT piece


British multinational telecommunications services company. What hasn't BT done?

Jigsaw24 piece


Eccentric Nottingham-based Creative IT services company who champion all things Apple.